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Some people rank pornstars of the week, other people give picks every week, and I will give 5 random words that I find on Urban Dictionary. I don’t want to sound like the old man who is only 26, but there’s sometimes on this website I have to look up what the fuck people are talking about. I mean, in my last blog, I had just found out what a Unicorn was. When I was in high school Urban Dictionary was amazing, one of my friends had a nasty breakup and changed the girl’s name to mean a cheating whore. You cheat on somebody. You should know that your name will be changed to a cheating whore on Urban Dictionary.

Alright so here we go first random word is…

When I hear pipe, the first thing that I think of when I hear pipe is not turning up or plumbing, but laying pipe. I have no idea if people still say laying pipe when talking about sex, but I still giggle about it. In the back of his head, I think the young rich nation knows that it’s about having sex since he talked about going to the strip club. The second random word is…

To the TSM girls, is this actually true? I thought that Big Dick Energy was the new thing to say after Pete Davidson started dating Ariana Grande. Also, 10 to 12 inches. Good god, that thing could kill somebody. That thing could swing around and be used as a sledgehammer. You should need a permit to carry that thing one wrong drop, and boom, somebody has a brain bleed. The third random word is…

I mean, I feel like those people are just known as pussies. I didn’t know that there was a term for people who rather go home and watch the Masked Singer with their parents than go out and get blackout drunk with the boys. Do these people not know that the only reason for going to college is for the parties and the whole college experience? This is why I don’t understand going to college remotely. Doing butt chugs in the bedroom, you grew up in while your parents watch in disgust is not fun. It’s just humiliating. The fourth random word is…

No jokes here I don’t know if you can laugh at this in 2021, but I might have giggled. Remember this was posted in 2004 so no cancelling, please. The last random word is…

This is just a normal night for some boys. They don’t care what the chick looks like, and there is no such thing as standards as the white claws are flowing. I know who would win if all of the writers on this site did this… it’s Bobby.

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