YouTube Moron Gets Well Deserved Broken Nose

“It was just a prank,” seems to be a sentence that only gets stated in disaster. It was famously said by Spencer in iCarly after he dumped a large quantity of garlic powder in the eyes of a group of unsuspecting students. It was more recently said by an idiot who had his nose broken after he did a prank on a man at an ATM where he, “pretended” to rob a man. The prankster approaches a man at an ATM wearing a hoodie and a mask that covers his face, before wrestling the man to the ground. A few bystanders approach, and one of them unloads a punch to the guy’s nose that should’ve left our intellectually challenged content creator looking like Voldemort. The video is attached here, and it’s awesome. 

I’ve never heard of this YouTuber, and I don’t care to learn or type his name. But I will give him credit for reminding the internet that actions still have consequences, and some strangers can still use their hand to take your head clean off. I personally remind myself this all the time, so I can consistently act like the coward that I am when in public. It was probably while he grabbed his twenty-ninth and thirtieth napkins to wipe the blood off of his nose when he realized, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

In the future, this guy will probably be more like me and all of the other guys in the world who mentally fight every man they see in public to see where they stand on the food chain. 

This is why I like to pull all of my pranks on middle schoolers. I have confidence in my ability to take on an entire graduating eighth grade at once, but I also know that most grown men can and would knock me out if I gave my true opinion on the movie Jaws. Take notes YouTube dumbass, you might avoid the free nose job next time.  

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