Zach Bryan and Barstool’s Brianna Chickenfry are Dating??

Announced on the PlanBri Uncut podcast this morning, Barstool personality Brianna Chickenfry and country superstar Zach Bryan are dating. I’m not quite sure what to do with this news, to be completely honest with you. Apparently, the two have been “hanging out” for the past three weeks and I’m just as confused as the rest of the world. I’m not trying to say that Brianna Chickenfry is out of Bryan’s league (in fact, I think she’s actually pretty hot), but it’s just such an odd pairing. A hugely popular country musician from small-town Oklahoma and a Bostononian social media influencer that works for one of the crudest companies in the world? Just odd. 

While I think that Brianna is an attractive woman, I can’t say I’m a big fan of her podcast. I’ve never been hugely into the whole TikTok-influencer-drama scene and that’s all they really seem to cover. However, I did have to listen to this episode so I could better understand what the heck is going on. As I should’ve expected, very few details were shared, so I stopped listening after a good five minutes. I’m sure Barstool will milk this relationship as they do with every other semi-notable celebrity relationship, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an interview with Dave, Brianna, and Zach. I know for a fact that Dave will ask the hard-hitting questions that we’re all dying to know, even though it will surely make both Brianna and Zach extremely uncomfortable. 

My biggest curiosity about this relationship is how it was initiated. I feel like this isn’t a DMs type of situation, but then again what do I know about celebrity dating? This could very easily have been due to mutual friends, however, I hope it’s something a little more interesting than that. For now, at least we know that this relationship is confirmed, even though it might not make any sense.

Here’s the full podcast if you’re interested:

Written by the godfather

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