Zach Wilson’s Mom Is A Smoke Show

Zach Wilson is now the new quarterback of the future for the NY Jets. The former BYU quarterback had an amazing 2020 season going for 33 touchdowns, 3692 yards, and 73.5%. He led the Cougars to an 11-1 record and were ranked #11 in the AP poll. That’s not the only Cougar that we saw last night.

Who the fuck cares about Zach Wilson’s career? All we care about is his mom. His mom was trending on Twitter minutes after being drafted by New York, especially after the cameraman zoomed in on his mom.

I know I just bonked the cameraman, but can you blame him?

Spoiler alert all 8 replies and 5 quote tweets all said yes to smash. One account even went so far as to say that they would eat her butt. I don’t want to sound old, but she 1000% gives off Stiflers mom vibes. Now maybe it’s because Stiflers mom was the stereotypical Cougar, but Zach Wilson’s mom gives off those same vibes.

If we get post-game press conferences from Zach Wilson’s mom, maybe it’ll be worth it to tune into Jets games.

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