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A Boobtastic Goodbye for Coach O

Ed Orgeron has become one of the most recognizable and entertaining faces in college football in the past few years. His National Championship run and win with the LSU Tigers led by Joe Burrow a couple years ago helped, but it’s really his personality that has driven him into a major spotlight – that and his instantly recognizable, “Go Tigers.”

His reign at LSU is coming to a close with the end of this season, though, as he and LSU reached a separation agreement that allows him to retire and receive the rest of his owed salary over the next few years. While it may seem shocking that he is leaving so soon after a National Championship win, there have been many reports of players and coaches no longer wanting to actually play and coach anymore. Some of this may come from his strong love for females. I think we’ve all seen the photo of him and a young smoke show in bed together, but I’ll throw it below for you if you haven’t.

But that public knowledge makes it so fitting for him to have such a fantastic goodbye from a young fan after his final game as the school’s head coach.

As you can see, an interview after the game was booby-bombed by a young woman wearing what are almost certainly LSU colors. It seems incredibly fitting that this young, blonde, cleavage-showing lady would give Coach O this boobtastic salute after the close (27-24) win over Texas A&M. 

Later, Coach O was spotted walking out with his blonde girlfriend (the same girl? Probably not. But we can hope, can’t we?), riding off into the sunset. The last words of his press conference? An iconic, “Go Tigers.” 

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  1. Why are men so focused on women’s breasts? Such a fixation only serves to support the objectification of women, which will inevitably lead to sexism, whether intended or not.

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