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High School Ball BRAWL

I wish I could say I was a tougher guy. The closest I got to a fight during a high school sports event was when I intentionally tripped a kid after he shoved me in a JV soccer game. I got a yellow card and didn’t go back in the game. That was it. Since then, I’ve only been in one so-called “fight” (a story for another time). The same can’t be said for this guy right here.

I did a little bit of investigating and discovered that the kid who threw the punches had just had his ass handed to him, along with the rest of his team, in a 72-47 loss. It’s safe to say that dude wasn’t happy about it. I don’t know if there was any beef during the game but judging by the complete shock that seems to come with the punches, I’d say it was most likely pretty unexpected. 

There are other, longer videos out there, but the fight ends pretty quickly after the kid gets absolutely freaking rocked. Coaches jump in and separate and both teams go on their way, which is honestly a little disappointing. I mean, just look at the kid’s technique who threw the punches. It seemed like he might’ve been able to hold his own against the entirety of the opposing team. After seeing the score, it’s probably safe to say he’s not the world’s greatest basketball player, so I genuinely think he should think about becoming a boxer because in my eyes he’s got a 1-0 record with one knockout already in his career already.

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