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Reaction to the Deshaun Watson Suspension

Well the decision on what will happen to star quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns broke today and set the internet ablaze. I’m not here to break the news as I’m sure you have all already heard it, but to break down the situation and compare it to some other recent disciplinary actions the National Football League has taken.

More than 20 women who worked as masseuses for Watson during his time with the Houston Texans came forward accusing Watson of sexual misconduct. He was sued by these women and had many cases active in civil court. At this point all of them except one have been settled.

Watson received a 6 game suspension, but multiple parties are able to appeal that decision including Watson as well as the NFL as a whole. Watson received no fine from the NFL but if the decision is appealed and Goodell decides against him, Watson’s suspension could be increased.

Now that the facts are out there, here are some other punishments dealt out by the NFL for other infractions.

DHop got 6 games, the same as Watson, for being .034% over the threshold for a PED.

Calvin Ridley was suspended for an entire season for sports gambling on other teams that he had no stake in while the NFL actively is partnered with major sports betting companies. 11 more games than Watson.

In 2018 Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks received an 8 game suspension after pleading guilty to insider trading charges.

No assault or sexual crimes committed by the players above, but all received equal or greater suspensions. Seems like a double standard, and like the guys at Pardon My Take said, the sussy could have been longer, but it definitely couldn’t have been shorter. I wouldn’t be surprised if his sentence is increased after the outburst at the suspension’s length.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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