Ye A Borderline Stalker? Buys Fixer Upper House Across From Kim Kardashian

I have somehow become obsessed with Kanye West and his obsession with getting back with Kim Kardashian … all the while she is doing everything she can to distance herself from him and publicly humiliate herself by dating Pete Davidson.

It is fascinating to me.

It started with his talking about Kim in public like they weren’t getting divorced, even though they were. His continued references to her as his wife, while she was literally spotted out with Davidson. To the theory that Davidson was only banging her to get back at him. I ultimately moved on to being Team Kim when she made fun of herself in a wedding speech… and even gave thought to who was watching the kids while she flew coast to coast red-eye’s to keep seeing Davidson.

Maybe it was that last article that prompted Kanye to buy a house literally right across from Kim.

He wants to be the babysitter. It is a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel!

According to reports, Kanye bought the $4.5 million home across the street from his estranged wife. His new place is just over 3,650 square feet, with 5 bedrooms, and he reportedly paid $421,000 over asking to make sure he landed it.

The images looks like it is a bit of a fixer-upper (comparatively speaking) but that should not be a problem for Ye.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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