Halloween seems to always have the same recurring costumes every year. The girls are devils, barbies and aliens. While the boys seem to just toss on a jersey and call it a night. It’s boring, bland, and half assed.

Which is why I decided to compile a list of easy and trendy costumes for you to choose from this Hallo-Weekend.

Here are a few topical costume ideas from pop culture, movies, and TV from this past year:

Squid Games Guard

You’ll Need:

-Red Jump Suit

-Black Tights ( For Mask)

-White Tape (For Mask)


-Black Shoes

-Black Belt

-Black Gloves

Kim Kardashian Met Gala

You’ll Need:

-Black Dress

-2 Pairs of Black Tights (one for face / ponytail & one for heels/legs )

-Black Gloves


-Black Sheet (to hang from dress)

The Weeknd – Halftime Show

You’ll Need:

-Red Suit


-Blue & Purple Eyeshadow


-Black Tie

-Black Shirt

Little Lad (Berries & Cream)

You’ll Need:

-Bob Wig

-Pilgrim Costume

Ted Lasso

You’ll Need:


-Track Suit

Wanda Vision

You’ll Need:

..to be good at makeup

I Think You Should Leave – Tim Robinson’s Pants

You’ll Need:



Simone Biles

You’ll Need:


-Gold Medals

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Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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