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Advice From A Girl – Birthdays

Hello sweet tfm/tsm sweetie pies.

Here is my advice on birthdays.

For the boys

Girls believe their birthdays are a month long. No one quite knows when the female’s birthday celebrations start and when they finish. It’s like Hanukkah for a non-Jewish person. Could be a weekend, a week, or all month.

Find out from your girl how long she celebrates her bday. Most likely it’s the weekend before. But surprises and fun dinners all week long are not uncommon. Do not shame her for this. If you feel like this is a lot and it’s a problem that she loves being the center of attention, maybe you guys aren’t a match (but wait until after her bday to break up).

If your girl just celebrates the actual day….. Make sure you treat her special the whole weekend. One day is never enough!! Even if she says it is.

GIFTS. Girls are naturally more wired to be emotional and sentimental. Look it up. It’s science. Girls will remember all your favorite things and give you the most thoughtful gift. If you can, get your girl something super sentimental. Don’t just get her a blue necklace because her favorite color is blue. If you want to get her jewelry, which is sweet but also boring, PLEASE consults her girlfriends or sisters. Boys are notoriously terrible at picking out jewelry. It’s expensive and it’s useless. So if you’re going to buy it, make sure it’s something she likes.

The best gift to give is one she already told you to buy her. Follow her instructions and get whatever she said she wanted. The second best gift (and the actual best), is the one that is so thoughtful and perfect she couldn’t even think of it herself. If you know what that is already, get that. For me, it was an espresso machine. Perfect gift. Would never have thought of telling someone to get it for me, but it was exactly what I wanted/needed.

Once again, do not buy something without consulting one of her friends. Also, don’t tell her before. Don’t ask her opinion. Unless she is one of those girls that tells you literally what to buy her, keep it a surprise. The surprise is the best part.


I have honestly no advice because I don’t know either. What I will say is, if he doesn’t make plans. Make them for him. Do it. He will then see his need for you and how amazing you are. But maybe NOT a surprise party. Does anyone really like those??

Get a reservation somewhere he likes or surprise him with a day of golf. Make him a cake. Plan a road trip. Whatever it is, boys don’t plan and they will let their birthday just happen. Plan a little get-together (with his permission).

Gifts have to be personal to the guy. Just listen to what he’s into. Maybe it’s a jersey, ray bans, beer sign, or a signed football. Keep a notes app of things he says he’s into and something will pop into your mind!

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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