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Advice From A Girl – First Date

This is the weekly blog that my boss has told me to write. Unfortunately, the TFM Instagram is down and I cannot ask these degenerates what they want advice on. SO I’ve picked two topics this week – one for the girls and one for the guys. Since this blog is usually geared towards advice for boys, we will start with them.

Paying the Check & First Date

This might be a dumb topic, but I am not creative right now so this is what you got. Your first date or hang with a girl pay for her shit. Even if she tries to pay…. pay. You can let her pay for something eventually, but paying for her things, in the beginning, is very important.

I’ll tell you why (if you think because girls don’t work or they don’t have money and can’t take care of themselves, feel free to drop your toaster in the bath). Due to evolutionary behavior, women want to know they can be protected. Even if they can protect and provide for themselves, scientifically, they want to know you can provide. Even if you’re just 21 and work at Buffalo Wild Wings, this still applies to you. Not because your girl thinks you’re going to provide for her at 21, but because scientifically it will turn her on. Now, some girls will offer to pay, I am one of them. You can allow them to pay if you choose. They won’t hold it against you. However, don’t be surprised if there isn’t a second date. Because believe me, there is always a guy willing to pay for girls shit and make them feel special. For some reason, it works.

One time a friend of mine’s boyfriend bought my drinks when I was out with them. It was nice, although I didn’t expect it. My friend thought it was so sweet and it just made her like him more. No one expected him to do that, but you get the point.

NOW – for your first date, please pick something with an activity. Some girls want to be wined and dined. You will know these girls when you see them. They’re the best kind of bossy and usually wear a lot of lipstick. They have an Audrey Hepburn poster in their room. If that’s your girl, take her to a fancy restaurant. I respect that these girls want to be treated that way. However, for the majority of girls, please find something for us to do. That way if the conversations are awkward, there is something to focus on.

If the girl isn’t athletic, don’t take her to a driving range. Read the room. Get creative. Find out what her interests are. Take her to Dave and Busters, mini-golf, a renaissance fair, a comedy show, bowling, you will think of something!!!

GIRLIES – Talking to Guys.

Yesterday, I was out with two of my friends in NYC getting drunk pizza. We started to talk to this guy and he told me to do everything with confidence, even if it’s wrong.

I think as girls we lack some confidence that we all deserve. Maybe it’s because we are constantly not listened to and only valued by outward appearance. So we are hard on ourselves all the time.

Regardless, my piece of advice is the five-second stare that I hope you all know. If you have a crush on someone, gas yourself up in your head and stare at him. Not in a creepy way, of course. Eventually, you will make eye contact. Don’t break eye contact for five seconds.

I know it’s super awkward, but you can do it. You are confident and hot and it’s just five seconds. You’ve gone through a fifteen-minute Brazilian wax before. You are capable of anything.

The reason this works is that guys do want to be the ones to approach a girl. However, due to their fear of rejection, they need a green light. This stare is a green light. It works. I promise you. You can do it.

As someone who has struggled on and off with confidence, fake till you make it is the actual truth. It feels so wrong. But it works. Good luck ladies.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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