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Dear Women: VSCO

Dear Women,

I’ve mentioned VSCO in other blogs before, but this feels like the right platform to ask some questions that us fellas are interested in. First off, I think proper thanks are in order to every girl that has a VSCO link in her Instagram bio. There are many occasions in which in we will encounter a girl on Instagram who is private but who we’d really like to see more due to them being hot. That’s where VSCO is beautiful, and it is quite heartbreaking when there’s none there. It only gets worse when we go through a VSCO search and there isn’t one there either. 

I don’t really know exactly why VSCO is a thing, but I assume it has something to do with being able to post things that won’t be on your Instagram feed. I don’t really care about that, though. Basically, I just want to know why there are some of you out there that refuse to give all of us guys the benefit of having a readily available VSCO. And if you do have a VSCO, why is it not linked in you Instagram? I’ve become extremely skilled in finding someone’s VSCO, so just know that if you have it, I’ll find it regardless of if your username isn’t an easy one to guess. So why do you want to hide it?

Then there’s the girls that don’t have one. Why? Why do you want to rob the men of the world of being able to look into your life without having to follow you on Instagram? It just feels selfish.

But there’s one sector of women of the VSCO community that bother me more than any other group. That’s the artsy fartsy VSCO girls. We get it that all women want to post a picture of the sky or sunset or whatever, but if that’s your whole VSCO, I’m just going to tell you straight up that you’re the most disappointing ones. I don’t get it.



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