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F*ck, Marry, Kill

This week we will be playing with girls MGK has dated. 

DISCLAIMER: I’d be lucky to even have these ladies look at me. This is just a game!! Any fandoms do not come for me.

Obviously, Megan Fox is currently dating MGK. But he has dated other famous stars in the past. The exes I found during my research are Amber Rose, Noah Cyrus, Halsey, and Sommer Ray, and Chantel Jeffries. 

There were also rumors of him and Kate Beninsale right after she and Pete Davidson broke up… I don’t think they dated. I think he is was just being friendly with his bestie’s ex. 

Today let’s play with Amber Rose, Megan Fox, and Noah Cyrus. 

I’m avoiding Halsey because I’m guessing her fandom is super aggressive. I’m personally not a fan. I think “Closer” by the Chainsmokers is the best work she’s ever been a part of. I will say, Halsey, is stunning and has overcome a lot. Major respect. (I also saw that MGK talked about their sex life in an interview and that is so icky. Justice for Halsey!)

Also, I’m not using Chantel Jeffries or Sommer Ray because, to be honest, I didn’t know who they were. I googled them though, and they’re both gorgeous.

  1. F*CK Noah Cyrus 

I love the Cyrus girls. They are so cool. They seem rebellious, wild and like they don’t shower. But in reality, if you hear them talk in interviews, they’re super hardworking, disciplined, and have a lot of structure to their lives. 

People need to give them a break, they grew up famous. That’s traumatic. Noah is absolutely the Jamie Spears to Miley’s Britney. However, Noah, similar to Solange Knowles, does her own thing. She isn’t a thirst monster for her sister’s fame. She stays true to herself.  

SIDE NOTE: I can’t imagine how hard it is to be the sister of a major star. Think about Ashlee Simpson, Solange, or Hailey Duff. It seems any valuable or authentic work they make is never heard over their sister’s mainstream careers. They’re forced to separate themselves by doing something “drastic” or being “out there”. I respect those girls for how hard that must be. However, no respect to Jamie Lynn. (Also, I guess your sister did get you your career. So it can’t be too bad).

2. Marry – Megan Fox

Duh. Their relationship is so weird and cringe. However, she is super loyal and obsessed with him. She’s such a good girlfriend. Also, she has never had an ugly phase. EVER. I bet any child she has is going to be a perfect-looking human like her. I would love those genes for my future children.

  1. Kill – Amber Rose

I originally chose Amber Rose because I thought SHE cheated on Wiz Khalifa. However, I googled the incident and discovered HE cheated on HER. Amber has by far the most interesting dating history of all MGK’s exes. She has been linked to Kanye, James Harden, and 21 Savage. I now feel bad I have her in “kill” her because it is terrible that her husband and baby daddy cheated on her. 

I am going to say that I’m picking her due to the fact that she is such a bad bitch it makes me insecure. She is a fucking badass. She’s super sexy. So I’m picking her out of my own issues. Also, I have a crush on James Harden so I’m eliminating the competition. How can I compete with a woman like Amber with tats??

I hate to kill any of these girls. They’re all dream girls (not the musical movie starring Jennifer Hudson). 

Written by Sofía Viagra


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