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Internet “Challenges”

In the age of TikTok, there seems to be a new “challenge” every week. Yet, most of these challenges are more like viral trends; like drinking a fruity beverage while skateboarding and dances that only require upper body movement.

But, there are some challenges that are worth talking about:

Stand-Up Challenge

This is an impressive challenge and it’s A LOT hard than it looks. This one is the best I’ve seen, because it’s being done by OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST SHAWN JOHNSON. That might just be one of my favorite parts of Tiktok; you never know what random celebrity you might come across while scrolling. Like the other day I stumbled across the DILF-y dad from Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Put A Finger Down


we all really be living the same lives hahaha

♬ original sound – Emily Ball

Put a finger down if every other video on your “For You” page is one of these. When this challenge started out it was like a public viewing of the intimate drinking game, Never Have I Ever.

Like most things on TikTok, it started to get over done, so people began making different versions of the challenge. Somehow it turned from the “Jack Card” in the game Kings, to a bunch of subcategories with the same idea:

People telling oddly specific stories about themselves:

Psychiatrists pushing diagnosis’s on little kids:

Parents reacting to their once innocent children:

Red Silhouette Challenge

Sorry bros, you’ll have to find the real ones on your own…but you get the idea. There is no way this challenge would exist in a non-coved world. The only reason people jumped on this so fast, is because everyone has been cooped up in their houses for so long and now they’re all horned up. All walks of life got on the Red Silhouette train, from teen to grannies. It’s scary to know that so many young ladies took part in this and their parents most likely have no idea. The even scarier thing is, someone pointed out that there is a way to edit these videos and make it so you can see more than just the shadow.

The challenges on Tiktok don’t even come close to the challenges we did in the earlier days of the internet. These challenges involved physical pain and suffering. I’m not glorifying them or calling the challenges now any less, I just simply can’t believe we all did these…for no reason at all.

There are four challenges from growing up that are cemented into my brain forever; the Pass Out Challenge, the Eraser Burn Challenge, the Salt and Ice challenge, and the Cinnamon Challenge.

Pass Out Challenge

The concept of this is to simply pass out, it’s in no way shape or form fulfilling in any way. Basically, you take ten deep breaths in and out and then immediately stick your dirty thumbs into your mouth and hold your breath until you pass out.

I was always so scared to do this one so I would strictly spectate my friends. Until a few years later, I decided to give it a whirl while drunk at a house party. When I went down, I hit my head…HARD. I was only out for like 5 seconds but it felt like literal days. There’s no way this is good for anybody, especially when you’re drinking.

Eraser Burn Challenge

Pink Rubber Eraser on White; Shutterstock ID 219169915; PO:

This one was for all the tough guys out there. For no rhyme or reason you consented to someone else aggressively rubbing an eraser on your skin until you got a burn. The person who always brought this game up always wanted to cause the pain and never wanted to play the victim. According to my statistics, this person later found themselves either in jail or in the military. 

Salt and Ice Challenge

These are all just a weird way to feel pain. This particular challenge dares you to create a concoction that leaves you with nothing but burns and regret. Feeling like a mad scientist, you lather up your arm in salt like it’s the rim of a margarita glass. Then you toss a few cubes onto your salty skin and this creates a wound that makes you feel like a real winner.

Cinnamon Challenge

I might run this one back on TikTok just to feel something again. The classic “Cinnamon Challenge” is when you would put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth and try to keep in there without coughing. Which was an impossible task that led to everyone blowing out clouds of cinnamon. I don’t know where this one originated from but for some reason I blame this guy….

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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  1. “Try to keep it in there without coughing?” No. You’re supposed to swallow it. Girls really do try to act like swallowing isn’t part of the deal. I’ve seen this before…

    But lowkey: for some reason I’m still laughing whenever I think of the words “trouble hillbillies” together from your last piece….troublesome. trrrrrroublesome.

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