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  • Success 5 years ago on UW on COPS

    Though I am loathe to respond to any of your bullshit, it’s not “whose” you moron, it’s not even “who’s”, it’s “who are”. Now please go away.

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  • Success 5 years ago on The Future of the Republican Party

    Col_Reb_is_my_mascot said:

    Bertucci said:

    One big problem is that we tolerate everything in the name of acceptance. Like with the Prop 8 issue in California, gays are becoming more and more powerful because no one has the balls to stand up and say the truth; homosexuality is immoral. And if someone speaks out against gays they are criticized and called bigots because they don’t accept immoral behavior. The truth is that our constitution is being misinterpreted to mean that you can do whatever you want, when the founding fathers certainly didn’t want this to be the case.

    The United States is a Christian nation, regardless of what the liberals say. We were founded on Christian values and these are the values that made us successful and we are abandoning them because they are “old fashioned”. I am a firm believer in the saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, the opposite of how liberals think. Furthermore, they want to dismantle the core pillars on which this country was founded under the guise of equality.

    I blame us for the fall of the Republican party and in turn, America. What we need is a return to the values of out grandparents day, when you would tell someone to “go to hell” and then proceed to kick their ass if they talked down about the U.S., when we would pile German helmets in the streets of New York as a morale booster for the troops abroad and the civilians stateside, when kids who mouthed off to an adult got their asses handed to them on a silver platter. We have the ability to make this change but it takes a lot of action to make a difference.

    The immigrants who come here now? Make them conform to our standards or make them leave. You want to be gay? Keep it to yourself or get chastised like you should be. Don’t support our troops? Say goodbye to Smith & Wesson and say hello to Satan for me. Kill someone? We’ll kill you back.

    TL;DR- Screw liberals, Republicans need to grow a pair, and God bless America.

    I believe the Treaty of Tripoli, which was unanimously ratified by the Senate and signed by President John Adams in 1797, declared the “Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

    Thank you, I’m glad someone finally said it. Though i subscribe to Christian ideals, this country was specifically not found on such ideals. The founding fathers made that abundantly clear, repeatedly.

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  • Success 5 years ago on A PSA on DUIs

    Joaquin Behindu said:

    HillBoundFratter said:

    Joaquin Behindu said:

    Get a life you insensitive try-hard. The self-deprecating nature of the term TFTC is lost on you. Saying DUI’s are TFTC are like cancer jokes, they’re inappropriate but funny, and some insensitive douche is always going to get offended.

    You’re a cunt. Shut the fuck up.

    Also, learn what insensitive means.

    Change insensitive to overly sensitive, but my point stands.

    Am I the only one that sees the inane irony in this comment?

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  • Success 5 years ago on George H.W. Bush Shaves Head In Support Of Cancer Victim

    Sweetheart, I worked in 41’s administration, both for a US Senator and for the party. I am well aware what he did and didn’t do; moreso than your whiny little ass. There was no reason for you to make that comment except to be contrarian and whiny. This was a damn nice thing to do but you had to shit on it for no reason. Honestly, if Obama did this, it would still be a cool gesture. Don’t overgeneralize everyone on this site and don’t comment just to show how different and superior you are. There is no basis for ever saying 41 was one of the worst…that’s just stupid. Learn your history and to cite your brilliant debating skills, go fuck yourself “TKE”.

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  • Success 5 years ago on George H.W. Bush Shaves Head In Support Of Cancer Victim

    No you stupid prick, you posted that precisely to be a dick. It’s a great post for a great cause and you posted this inflammatory shit just to be a contrarian douche. Notwithstanding the fact that you’re patently wrong as 41 was nowhere near “one of the worst presidents to ever run our country”, you are the reason this site is going to shit, you worthless little trolling douche.

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  • Success 5 years ago on

    The_JiffyLube_Guy said:

    dikembe brotombo said:

    “people on the far-left say…openly advocate the destruction of the nuclear family and marriage as an institution”

    Any proof to this absurd claim? And by the way comparing homosexuality to pedophilia makes no sense. If someone is a pedophile they are “hurting”; who exactly are the gays hurting, except for your view on what marriage should be?

    Bringing up Pedophilia isn’t really the best way to argue his point because of the idea of consent.

    But why stop at gay marriage. Let’s go ahead and legalize polygamy. Hell, let’s give incest a try as well.

    Once we see gay marriage recognized by the government, we’re going to see more and more lawsuits against businesses and churches for “discrimination”. All in the name of “equality”, comrades.

    A preacher has an affair, the church asks him to clean up his act, or
    leave the church. This is no biggie for the left.

    An openly homosexual couple is asked to leave the clean up there acts, or leave the church, to the left, this is an outrage. Lawsuits will be filed, and tax exempt statuses will be revoked.

    The government was created in this beautiful country to protect religious rights, not the other way around.

    Adoption rights will also be the next thing to go. I’m not knocking any single parents put there. There are plenty that do a wonderful job, but nobody can deny that the differences between men and women are what make heterosexual parents the best option.

    This is where America is heading.

    Tell me to take a lap. I’ll tell you to go live in europe.

    “The government was created in this beautiful country to protect religious rights, not the other way around”? Where the hell are you getting that? The fathers of our government made it abundantly clear that religion played no part in government. And yes, I will gladly disagree that “the differences between men and women are what make hetrosexual parents the best option”. Do your homework sport. There are studies that show little to know difference in the upbringing between homo and heterosexual folks. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong.

    And your “analogy” of a preacher having an affair and a gay couple being treated differently by a church? Well that’s just grade-A bullshit and I don’t believe I have to explain why. Same for your fallacious “slippery slope” argument regarding polygamy and incest. Goog god man, try logical thinking for a change.

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  • Success 5 years ago on

    TrickleDown said:

    Rihanna Deserved It said:

    natty_splatties said:

    To be honest I couldn’t give less of a fuck if the gays can get married, there’s one or two gay couples in my town, neither are flamboyant and are each productive very wealthy taxpaying members of society. Now that this is all said and done with it can stop being brought up in political debates and maybe we can win an election.

    exactly. stupid shit like this and other social issues sway a lot of voters, if its not an issue they can focus on the shit that matters like the economy and foreign affairs, and we can garner more support for the republican party

    Welcome to the future of america. I’m done here. You can see my detailed argument in the news post about gay marriage, I don’t feel like repeating myself. If you suppor this shit there’s nothing I can do to change it.

    Your “detailed argument” was specious crap and was pretty damn roundly taken apart by hotpiece. You’re defining marriage through reproduction which makes zero sense. Does that mean if I can’t have a child, I shouldn’t be able to get married either? You do know homosexuals can adopt right?

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