A Woman Was Saved by Kim Kardashian’s Skims Bodysuit

A woman is praising Kim Kardashian and her Skims brand for how her bodysuit saved her life. The craziest part of the story is that she means it literally. A woman posted to her TikTok account to tell her story of being shot four times, but being saved because she was wearing a skintight Skims bodysuit. She talks about how the tight fabric prevented her from bleeding out before calling it, “body armor for women.”

I really don’t appreciate the amount of credit this woman is giving Kim Kardashian. She already views her career of being hot in public valuable, and she is also trying to be a lawyer now. She’s an example of what would’ve happened to any of us if we didn’t have to face the real world and abandon the dreams we had in childhood. In addition to unemployed billionaire, and wanna-be lawyer, she now is going to start calling herself an inventor. 

The woman said in the clip, “Call it fate, or Jesus. But I’mma call it Kim.” So obviously Kim reposted the clip. I feel this has inflated Kim Kardashian’s ego to a potentially dangerous level. As an act of public service, I will act as the needle to pop this balloon before she decides to run for President, or something worse. She probably believes that she is curing bad fashion and gun violence with one overpriced garment. That’s not the case. A team of people who likely work for four cents an hour created that and put her face on it. I’ve saved as many lives in the past year as she has (zero if my count is correct).

I hated this whole, “body armor for women,” thing. Bullet proof vests prevent bullets, and they are gender neutral. Call a spade a spade, and say that you got lucky because you pay too much money to have the name Kardashian hidden somewhere on your body. That just makes you a sucker. 

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