Aaron Rodgers Lectures About Legalizing Mushrooms

Aaron Rodgers took a break from minicamp to talk about his real passion in life, psychedelics. The convention took place in Denver on Wednesday night, and Rodgers was one of the main guests, speaking on stage for over an hour. Him and his friend, Aubrey Marcus, were on stage for over an hour, talking about their own experiences with mushrooms. This conference was intended to end the stigma about the use of psychedelic drugs. I just wonder if Rodgers was the best person to do this, as he is already the douchey poster boy for tripping balls. 

I’m not against psychedelics. I got along with the guys in high school who loved tripping way too much. Rodgers feels like the final boss of acid bros, though. It annoys me that he made it his entire personality. Especially when you consider the fact that he could’ve just settled for being the Super Bowl MVP who has seen Shailene Woodley naked. He was also about twenty minutes away from being the full time Jeopardy host. If he never tripped that first time, Zach Wilson would be the Jets’ starting quarter back, and we wouldn’t have to hear about Rodgers’ experiences meeting god. 

Rodgers talked about how hard it is to cancel him for using psychedelics considering the significant jump in his stats after he took them. I would just like to point out some of the revisionist history taking place in Aaron Rodgers’ drug fueled brain. He uses the statistical uptick between 2019 and 2020 as his main argument. In 2019, Rodgers missed a pair of games, and Davante Adams missed six more. The next year, they each played a full season, and Rodgers threw a million touchdowns. Yes, Rodgers won the next two MVPs. But I don’t think it’s remotely fair to credit this to his drug use. I bet Davante Adams is a drug that every quarterback in the world would attribute to their success if they could.

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