Five Alternate Phrases for “I’m Him”

The internet has a tendency of beating any catchy phrase, joke, or dance to death. This is especially true when the trend is created by an athlete. When Stefon Diggs got to the sideline after his third week one touchdown last year, he introduced the world to the phrase, “I’m him.” Since then, everyone from peewee football players to my father has used the term. I think it’s about time we called time of death on the constant use of, “him.” Here are five alternatives to replace the criminally overused, “I’m him.”

I’m The Chosen One

This one actually says a lot more than, “I’m him.” Technically speaking, I’m him. No one in their right mind is confusing me to be the chosen one of anything. Saying you are the chosen one holds some real weight. I think this is something athletes should break out when they really want to separate themselves from the pack. 

He’s Me

Maybe not the coolest one on the list, but grammatically it works the same. This works the exact same as, “I’m him,” but is much fresher. If the Vikings convince Kirk Cousins to say this after their first win of the season, it will undoubtedly blow up. 

And On the Seventh Day, I Rested

When I came up with the idea for this blog, I didn’t expect to come up with any phrases that were sufficient replacements. That being said, no one in the world can convince me that, “I’m him,” is better than this. It literally implies you are God, and that your recent accomplishments earned you a nap. Those are gigantic flexes in my book. If Diggs pulled this out on the sideline before laying down on the bench, he’d already have a bust in the Hall of Fame. 

I’m Not Delivery. I’m DiGiorno!

Again, I had no business coming up with a line this clean, original, and meaningful. Yet here we are. “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno,” is a classic line. It presents an image of fine dining, and overall prestige. If anyone with a pro bowl on their resume stated, “I’m not delivery. I’M DIGIORNO!” they would take the league by storm. I hope someone considers this line the next time they want to recycle one of last year’s celebratory clichés. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I Am

Bowling isn’t cooler than football, but Pete Weber is cooler than every NFL player. The guy secured a win in one of the biggest bowling events of the year, and cemented himself as a legend with this line. It is nothing short of iconic, yet athletes have yet to follow in his footsteps with this line. Any time a heavy underdog wins a game, their starting quarterback should break out this classic line. 

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