Andrew Tate Tells Tucker Carlson He Is In Jail For Making Girls Do TikTok

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Andrew Tate’s human trafficking charges aren’t what you expect.

Last night, Tucker Carlson posted his 9th installment of his new webseries Tucker on Twitter after being fired from Fox News a few months ago. In last night’s episode, Carlson traveled all the way to Romania to interview Top G Andrew Tate amidst his house arrest for alleged human trafficking.

For some brief background, Tate is a former kickboxer and Romanian citizen, yet has made recent waves in American pop culture due to his views and videos that he posts to social media. Tate has caught a ton of backlash in the past year (well before his legal charges) for his takes on misogyny, treatment of women, and lack of wokeness. Top G began posting videos online as advice for young men on how to gain respect in society and make themselves impressive. His opinions struck the wrong chord with many people, leading him to be the world’s most Googled person last year.

Back on December 29, 2022, Tate was arrested on charges of human trafficking (although he didn’t know the reason at the time). He was sent to a Romanian prison for 92 days before being released to house arrest for the past seven months.

When most people think of human trafficking, they think of girls being physically forced to sell their bodies. We think of women being kidnapped and turned into sex slaves or forced to do various types of porn. However, revealed in his interview with Carlson last night, Tate’s charges of human trafficking are way different than those scenarios.

Tate claims that his charges stem from the platform that got him all of his recognition: TikTok. Top G states that the US government believes he has coerced young girls into making TikToks. They believe he then steals the money they profit from the videos. While most human trafficking involves physical force and/or kidnapping, the government is claiming that Tate used “the lover boy method” of emotional coercion.

Obviously, Tate denounced the charges and strongly believes that the government is purely after him for his opposing ideologies.

“The state believes that I, a 35-year-old man, woke up — already successful, I was already a father, I was already very well known, I have no financial motivation, I have no criminal record, it’s not my personality profile — but I woke up at the age of 35 and decided to make girls do TikTok to enrich myself with the pennies that i would earn off TikTok views,” Tate said in the interview.

Adding onto the blasphemy, Tate claims that the women the prosecution are using as victims have said themselves that he didn’t do anything wrong. According to Tate, the government claims that he brainwashed the girls to think they haven’t been trafficked, while they have. Thus, in some sort of paradox legal thing, victims are victims even if they say they say themselves that they aren’t victims.

The state accuses Tate and his trafficking group (made up of other men including his brother Tristan), of using “the lover boy method” of coercion, which Tate makes light of calling it “being nice.”

Carlson leaned into the coercion paradox, siding with Tate and making fun of the logic used by prosecution, who is attempting to tell girls that they are victims when they say they aren’t. “You’re a victim of being coerced and we are going to try to coerce you into conceding you were coerced,” Carlson mocked.

Bolstering his points about the unfairness of this trial, Tate brought to light many concerning details about the case (if true). He stated that the prosecution attempted to bribe ex-girlfriends of his for demeaning negative stories about him, yet couldn’t get a single taker. Tate also said that they contacted over 2,000 people he knows looking for dirt on him, but couldn’t find much. Most shocking however, Tate claims that in his case file there is not a single transaction of money between the alleged victims and himself.

Due to lack of evidence, Tate strongly believes he will be found innocent and the world will see the government was after him in a witch hunt. The day he was thrown in prison back in December, Tate alleges there were no official charges against him and authorities used his time in jail to search for evidence and put a case together. Their lack of time and Tate’s legitimate innocence has led to a weak and untrue case, he claims.

“When you finally end up the enemy of the matrix and they use the legal system as a weapon to punish you for having an opinion, you realize how subjective the law is,” Tate said of the entire trial and the unfairness of which he has been treated.

The interview continues for another two and half hours where Tucker and Tate discuss other topics such as men’s health and Tate’s opinions on society. However, their discussion about Tate’s exact charges has been the main headline this morning due to how convincing Tate was.

Whether or not you agree with his values, it is hard to discredit what Tate alleges when watching the interview. I am by no means saying that Tate is innocent or a great dude. He definitely isn’t and could be lying throughout the entire interview. That said, he is objectively well spoken and convincing to the point where many viewers may take his side in this legal battle.

While I won’t give my own opinion on the subject, TFM will continue to monitor the situation. Is the matrix real? We may find out soon enough.

Tate faces 5-10 years in prison if convicted. If you want to watch the interview in its entirety click here.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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