Anthony Davis Had An AMA Last Night, And It Went Horribly

This was such a shit show that r/NBA put out an apology. I found it hilarious the trolls of Reddit put in overtime last night asking the hard-hitting questions that AD, of course, skipped.

I mean, it’s r/NBA; what did this person expect? The entire thing was a cash grab for Anthony Davis that was sponsored by Ruffles. Sign me up for AMA’s that are sponsored. Sure did the users dig deep in their bag of troll questions? Yes, but even when they asked real questions, AD was so boring. Examples:

This is a fucking snooze fest. “If we’re down, I prefer a clutch shot” well, no shit AD, thank you for explaining how basketball works. Also, the first question that he answered was about Ruffles. This man won a Micky Mouse finals, and his favorite Disney character is Suite Life of Zach and Cody. That’s not even a character that’s a tv show. If you’re going to do an AMA, how about creating your own Reddit account instead of using the NBA’s? Here are the questions that AD should’ve answered?

These are the important questions here that AD just straight-up ignored. Spinexel asked the hard-hitting questions that I’ve been asking in my Undercover Troll blogs. I love the hater asking if LeBron and AD scissor each other. That’s hate that I can respect. I’ll pretend to be AD and answer the duck question. If I were AD, I would rather fight a 100 duck-sized LeBron’s. Ducks are pretty small, and even if they all charge at once, you can smack or kick those fuckers out of the way. LeBron is 6’9″ and 250 pounds of pure muscle; that would be a huge fucking duck. That thing would fuck your day up.

The most up-voted comment was somebody asking AD if he could explain this video? The comment had over 14.9K upvotes, and AD didn’t answer. I mean, I can’t say I blame him after watching the video.

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