Bam Margera Made a Diss Track About the Jackass Cast

Bam Margera has been publicly struggling with a recent drug addiction the past few years. Now, he released a diss track about his Jackass cast members. I was under the impression that the Jackass crew left doing drugs and making rap videos to Steve-O. But Bam has decided that he had something to get off his chest about his former co-workers, and he wouldn’t let a lack of musical ability stop him from saying it. 

Margera is actually featured on this song. This means another, “rapper” decided that Margera’s side of the Jackass beef was worth putting into a track. He even let Bam test his flow in the process. Margera has clearly heard one rap song before. It’s not clear if he’e heard more though, because he really missed the mark on this one. 

One of Bam’s more interesting bars is when he flexes about being naked on a slip and slide. Not only does he brag about this, but he says he has ten guys on the slip and slide, “with d**k ten feet wide.” I’ll link the video if you really want to see it. But I’m also going to try to give you all of the highlights so you don’t have to through the pain I went through watching this video. 

After he feels he has demonstrated some musical chops, he goes in on the Jackass guys. Bam threatens to fight Johnny Knoxville, insults their skateboarding abilities, and blames them for ruining his career. He also calls Jeff Tremaine fat, and a p**sy among other things. The only silver lining is that he does say he still loves Steve-O, despite the fact that he can’t skate. 

Seeing Margera like this is sad for several different reasons. First of all, it is truly awful to see him struggle with addiction like this. Steve-O and the rest of the Jackass guys have been publicly offering him help and encouraging him to get clean, but he seems unable to do so. It’s also sad to see someone who used to have so much talent waste his charisma on possibly the worst rap video in the history of the internet. 

I hope Margera stops killing himself and gets his life together. I also hope he stops making music. Both are terrible for everyone, including Bam. 

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