Behind the Scenes of Livvy Dunne’s SI Swimsuit Shoot

Livvy Dunne is the highest paid female athlete in college sports. She has become an icon in NCAA athletics in the past year or so, and she is now going to be on the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Yesterday, Sports Illustrated posted a behind the scenes from Livvy’s photoshoot on their TikTok, and it has fans excited for the release of this year’s issue. 

Dunne was a natural selection for this year’s swimsuit issue. Her following has gotten so big that each of her Instagram pictures seem to be national news. She can’t even attend class anymore because she is so famous. Her fans range from guys who likely buy this magazine annually to kids so young they’ve never read a magazine. Regardless, all of them are likely going to buy it after seeing this video.

The video shows Dunne in slow motion, displaying all of her looks from the shoot. She looks as natural on camera as anyone, and her fans are constantly reminding her of this in her comment section. Sports Illustrated’s post unsurprisingly got more love than any of their recent content. Dunne’s power on the internet is unmatched these days. 

Dunne called starring in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, “a dream come true.” She said the appearance should put negative comments about her NIL deals to rest, although they definitely won’t. 

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