Livvy Dunne is too Famous to Attend Class

Livvy Dunne and I have something in common. Neither of us will be attending our weekly Tuesday afternoon lecture this upcoming semester. While I’ll be doing it purely out of laziness, Livvy Dunne is doing it because she is too famous to attend class anymore. As if her life wasn’t already clearly awesome, Dunne is proving how many benefits come with being as attractive as she is.

Elle USA did a profile piece on Dunne, and her reaction to her meteoric rise to fame. In it, she mentioned how the attention she receives on campus has made her feel unsafe letting the whole world know her daily schedule. She mentioned how she has received too many creepy comments for her to feel comfortable attending class with so many people. I think that is a bit of an overreaction. All of the messages I sent were supposed to be complimentary. 

In all seriousness, this isn’t a surprise to hear. It is very new in the world of college athletics though. I don’t think it is a particularly hot take to think that her gender is playing a big role in why she is the first athlete to make this decision. Ben Simmons was the most famous college athlete in the world at the same school just a few years ago. Clearly, men don’t mind walking into a room full of 200 people who either want a picture or a night alone with them. Also, Simmons still skipped class. He just didn’t care about the GPA hit. 

If anyone is wondering if Dunne made the right decision by continuing her education behind closed doors, go to her comment section. This was a no brainer. 

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  1. Livvy dunne is a privileged lil primadona who has achieved money and fane by flaunting herself.
    She’s just a very temporary attractive person out of millions who is known for her ass, etc and not brains or hard work.

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