Braxton Berrios Steals the Red Carpet with Alix Earle

Braxton Berrios is an ok football player. Just ok. I understand that by earning a spot in the NFL, you could argue that he is actually really talented. For those special types of annoying people, I’d like you to find me one of his highlights on the field. This isn’t to say that he’s not talented. That’s definitely not the case, as his off the field highlights continue growing. 

Berrios walked the ESPY’s red carpet with his new girlfriend Alix Earle, and the two were dressed to impress. At least Earle was. I’m not entirely sure what Berrios looked like. Either way, the NFL benchwarmer and the TikTok star looked more than comfortable together as they celebrated another year of sports accomplishments to the sounds of Pat McAfee failing to launch a career in comedy. 

The entire things comes on the heels of the end of his relationship with Sophia Culpo. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for Berrios though. It appears that his talent level in the NFL limits the amount of attention the media is willing to give him to the woman on his arm. It doesn’t surprise me. I’m simply just surprised that he is the Dolphins receiver with the interesting love life. Miami’s receiver room appears to have a rule that you can have touchdowns, or super models. Never both.

What’s important to note, is this is the only thing from the ESPY’s worth watching. It used to be cool before Twitter summarized the year in sports for you anyway. Now it’s just a reason for athletes to play dress up and say a curse word without paying for Roger Goodell’s kids to attend college. I think they should’ve leaned into the fact that they couldn’t legally pay anyone to write jokes. They could’ve easily told Kyrie Irving and Antonio Brown they were both hosting and handed out popcorn at the door. It would’ve been television gold.

Either way, good on you Berrios. It’s impressive when a professional special teams player manages to outkick their coverage. 

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