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NFL First Team All Frat: Offense

QB: Gardner Minshew, Colts

Gardner Minshew is a solid NFL quarterback, but he is a certified frat guy. He had a sponsorship with Bud Light before they decided to be woke, where people who picked him in the first round of their fantasy drafts could win a free case. He has a moustache straight out of the movie Animal House, and seems stoned out of his mind at all times. Total bro.

RB: Christian McCaffrey, 49ers

Christian McCaffrey simply does it all. He’s the best running back in the league, and he’s also frattier than every other ball carrier in the NFL. He has a pretty calm demeanor, and his whole personality is being athletic and having sex with models. Unmatched versatility. 

WR: Calvin Ridley, Jaguars

Way before he was getting suspended for gambling, Calvin Ridley was going to school at Alabama, the place known for parties and football. Clearly he learned how to have fun at Bama.

WR: Odell Beckham Jr., Ravens

This guy lost a playoff game because he spent the entire week partying on a boat. Need I say more?

WR: Braxton Berrios, Dolphins

Berrios was a four star recruit out of high school, and had offers to go all over the country. He chose Miami. He also just signed with the Dolphins in free agency. Throw in the fact that dated Sophia Culpo and is currently with some TikTok model. Clearly, he loves the frat lifestyle.

TE: Travis Kelce, Chiefs

When Gronk retired and handed over the title of best tight end in the league to Travis Kelce, he apparently handed the starting spot on this team over to him as well. Travis Kelce had to be on this list. He is a confirmed party guy.

LT: David Bakhtiari, Packers

This dude is known for moving three-hundred-pound men and chugging beers. There is a David Bakhtiari working the door at every frat in the country. 

LG: Landon Dickerson, Eagles

Another Bama alum who seems like a fun guy to grab a beer with. I first saw him cartwheeling through the back of one of Mac Jones’ interviews in the college draft process. Seems like a guy who would get a bid anywhere he wants.

C: Jason Kelce, Eagles

Last offseason, Nick Sirriani gifted Jason Kelce a keg of beer to convince him to play another year. There are also countless videos of him chugging beer. This guy is as fratty as they come. There’s no one in the world I’d rather have a beer with. 

RG: Cody Mauch, Buccaneers

Cody Mauch was my personal favorite prospect in the last draft. He packed on eighty pounds while at NDSU and switched from tight end to guard and tackle. He seems like a fun guy who packed on weight by drinking a twelve pack each night. He also seems like he loved every second of it.

RT: Taylor Lewan, Free Agent

Every game he plays for the rest of his career will be on one knee, but it will never stop his ability to party. Another guy who is constantly sharing videos of him getting hammered. His frat abilities seem to have much more longevity than his playing abilities.

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