Britney Spears Pole Dances in a Bikini on Instagram

I said a few weeks ago that Britney Spears could probably use a new conservatorship. There isn’t much to add to that debate, today. I think I hit the nail right on the head with that analysis. 

The most recent piece of strange internet behavior from Britney is a video of her pole dancing. The star is wearing a skimpy bikini and doing what is better described as gyrating than dancing. As a fan of women, the video isn’t bad. As someone capable of analyzing Spears’ behavior on a human level, it gave my stomach a feeling typically achieved by a seventeen-dollar Taco Bell order.

Britney posing in next to nothing on her Instagram is something that fans and confused onlookers have both grown accustomed to. Since gaining control of her life again, it seems that her artistic efforts have been more influenced by modern Onlyfans work than recent music creations.

Britney’s recent actions have divided fans who want to praise their favorite pop-star, and people who are able to correctly identify her behavior as bizarre. The lens I have looked at this through to stay anti Britney the whole time, is the point of view of her sons. Both of them have decided to live full time with their dad instead of their mother. It may be as a result of his house in Hawaii. Although it’s more likely they chose to leave to prevent bringing a friend over to the set for their mom’s Instagram stripper video. 

If you think these videos are a good thing for the internet, you blindly agree with Britney Spears, or desperately need to see a human woman in real life. 

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