Cam Newton is Done with Youth Hecklers

My opinion of Cam Newton is rising at an insane rate. Cam Newton was at a youth football camp when he started get heckling by one of the players. A group of kids get Cam’s attention and start asking him about how many Super Bowls he has. One kid then says, “We have the same amount.” Immediately after, Cam says, “We don’t have the same bank account though,” before making a strange gesture with his hand in front of his crotch.  

In full honesty, I love this for Cam Newton despite how weird it is to make a self-pleasure gesture in front of teenagers. Cam has dealt with high schoolers chirping him for a while now, and honestly, I love him committing to giving it back to them. No matter what you think about Cam, it’s absolutely wild that so many kids think it’s fine to trash talk a professional athlete trying to help them out. Newton has every single right to flex his bank account on these kids. 

The kids in this video are the absolute worst. People will definitely make this about Newton and his actions. If this happened in the 80s, the quarterback would’ve smacked that kid in the face. No one would’ve thought twice about it either. Cam Newton is simply trying to disrespect these unbearable children in a way they’ll understand. Sometimes, it’s important to speak to them on their own level. 

Also, this isn’t the first time this has happened to Newton. He once had a similar incident with a player at his camp who chirped him for not being on an NFL roster. That video is also funny, and attached below.

I hope the narrative of this event isn’t that Newton was being childish. The focus should be on the fact that children today sucks, and Cam Newton is doing something about it. 

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