Can You And The Boys Survive This Masters Drinking Game?

It’s Masters weekend which means drinking at 8 am is perfectly acceptable. There’s no time for your liver to recuperate. We go from March Madness straight to The Masters. It would be best if you went twice as hard this Masters weekend since we didn’t get the normal April Masters. If you don’t have a Masters pool with your buddies, what are you doing with your life? Please, don’t be that guy that takes Tiger Woods in the first round.

For this weekend, is there a specific house that you’re all drinking at? Is it going to be an array of liquor or a keg sitting in the middle of the living room? How many TVs or monitors do you have set up? Are you a rookie and have the one on the featured group? Or do you have Amen Corner, the featured group, holes 4,5, 6, holes 15, and 16, and the broadcast all going at once? Do you have pimento cheese sandwiches on deck for the boys? Are you not a psycho and have normal food?

Now onto the drinking game, do you think that you and the boys could survive this?

This is guaranteed to get you blackout. Thankfully it doesn’t look like you need to shotgun many beers as the course is playing a lot harder than last year. Last year Dustin Johnson alone had 20 Birdies and 2 Eagles. That’s just one person. Imagine doing this for the entire field.

If Bryson is in the featured group, you are certainly fucked. Every time that hulk looking ass is on tv, the announcers break out the lube and jerk themselves to his ability to hit bombs.

The great thing about the Masters is largely due to its great coverage. For a place that is all about tradition, they have adapted better to technology than anybody. You can easily stream featured groups, certain holes, and the broadcast straight from your computer or the Masters app. ESPN+ should take notes since their app sucks ass. Thank god it’s only UFC that has fully bought into ESPN+. We don’t need March Madness or NBA Finals going to ESPN+.

I wonder if this drinking game was around in 2016 when Spieth put two balls in the water at 12. Not only was Spieth imposing in front of the nation’s eyes, but also random dudes livers.

What were the rules in 2019 when Tiger won? That entire Sunday was all about Tiger, and that must’ve been nonstop boozing. Sounds like a great time to me.

Regardless if you and your buddies are doing a drinking game, enjoy this Masters. Remember to go twice as hard for this Masters.

Written by Mailman Dave

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