Canadian Teacher With Z-Cups Returns To The Classroom

Last year, a Canadian teacher named Kayla Lemieux gained attention for wearing Z-size prosthetic breasts while teaching, causing controversy. YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Z-CUPS! She has now been hired at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario, leading the school to take extra security measures in anticipation of potential protests and disruptions by parents. The principal, Tom Fisher, communicated to parents about these measures, including students using designated doors for entry and exit and heightened security during school hours. Fisher emphasized the school’s commitment to student safety.

I am very glad they are worried about the safety of the students now after who they hired could legitimately hit a poor adolescent across the head and leave him with CTE worse than Antonio Brown has.

Lemieux had been put on leave by the Halton School District earlier due to the viral photo incident.

The new safety measures include an intercom system for building access and requests for parents to communicate before visiting the school. The memo also highlighted the school’s obligation to treat everyone with respect, as they prepare for the arrival of the controversial teacher.

To make this very clear, they have to use an intercom system just to make sure one of their employees doesn’t hit a kid with her breasts harder than an Aaron Judge home run. What kind of world are we living in? Back when I was in elementary school, the only real controversy we had was when two teachers started consensually dating.

The memo didn’t address whether students could take pictures or videos of Lemieux. Her previous school, Oakville Trafalgar High, had suspended students for such actions. Lemieux, known for teaching wood shop while wearing prosthetic breasts, left her previous job amidst the controversy. The school, which had been threatened with bombs and shootings, is located near the new one.

Her teaching wood shop is the only thing that makes sense in this whole story. The only thing that would make more sense is if she was a lunch lady and you would have to live with a Z-Cup in your Mac and Cheese every day at lunch. Which as a type out, doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Written by TFM Stelly

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