Cardi B Sucks

Cardi B is the absolute worst. In the middle of one of her recent performances, a fan threw their drink at her while she was performing. This provoked Cardi to throw her microphone at the fan in retaliation. The problem with this, is that she asked her fans to douse her with water to deal with the heat. Fans have speculated that the liquid was something other than water to justify it. This still doesn’t explain the fact that Cardi hit someone entirely different with the microphone.

The thing that initially bothered me about this video when it first released, is how careless she is with her lip singing. I’m not above phoning it at a job. I’m a veteran when it comes to getting through work giving half of my effort. The biggest part about half-a*sing your job is making it look like you are trying. Countless artists have done this while lip-singing in the past. I’ve also done this by making up a case of IBS at a job interview. That’s why it bothers me so much that Cardi B thinks she is above this.

Her throwing a prop microphone at her fans is just another reason that Cardi B is terrible. In the past, she has admitted to drugging and robbing men for money, and has made lots of really bad music. I wish she wasn’t nearly as famous as she is, but here we are. 

There’s not much to say about her. I guess, she shouldn’t assault her fans, admit to crimes, or make music anymore. Other than that though, I guess she’s alright.

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