Chiefs Fan Arrested for Robbing Banks to Buy Tickets

A diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan named Xavier Babudar was recently arrested for a string of bank robberies that he did last year to buy tickets to Chiefs games. The man is better known as Chiefsaholic, which is sadly starting to look a little too true. His entire persona is wearing a wolf costume, and sitting near the fifty-yard line at Chiefs games. He was somewhat of a local celebrity at Arrowhead Stadium, but now his notoriety has grown for the wrong reasons.

People always talk about what they would do for their favorite sports team. I remember my dad wondering in 2017 if his knee was strong enough to offer Carson Wentz when he went down. This guy walks the walk, though. This guy had his own simplified Ocean’s Eleven franchise just so he could get rowdy for a few Chiefs games. His passion is undeniable.

I was ready to crown this man a champion in the field of over-the-top sports fandoms. That was until I realized how new this trend of his was. I couldn’t find footage of this guy supporting the Alex Smith era. I could tell this guy a tale about Dwayne Bowe and his up and down career, and this alleged Chiefs superfan would probably be blown away. You don’t get to become a die-hard fan after a team is already at the top of their sport. Everyone likes Patrick Mahomes. You aren’t special, bro.

I’m an open-minded person. I could accept many different motives to rob a bank. Buying tickets to a football game is one of them. But this guy needed to dress up as a wolf and steal money to feel good about himself. That’s basically the villain from the movie Creep, and I hate that. 

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