Connor McGregor Is Fighting This Weekend So That Means We Care About The UFC

UFC is one of those sports that when I actually watch I enjoy, but it’s not like the 4 major sports where I’ll watch whatever game is on the TV. I don’t care if it’s the Bulls vs Mavericks, Bills vs Chiefs, Red Wings vs Rangers, or Red Sox vs Marlins I’ll end up watching those games. The UFC just doesn’t have the same pull for me to go and figure out where I can watch a fight, but there’s one exception and that’s when Connor McGregor is fighting. When Connor is fighting the 25% Irish in me suddenly turns into 100% I shrink into a green leprechaun and suddenly have a thick Irish accent.

Connor McGregor personality pulls in casual fans across the world, and for people near my age he is the most famous fighter to come out of the UFC. Ronda Rousey was in the Entourage movie, so that was a fun little run.

This weekend Connor McGregor is fighting Dustin Poirier who he defeated back in 2014 when Connor rocked the man bun that was braided up.

You are not Conor McGregor please don’t get any ideas to try and rock this haircut.

In their first fight Conor was a rising prospect and knocked out Dustin in the first round.

That was 6 years ago and since then Conor has gone on an incredible run, he became the featherweight champion, lightweight champion, had 2 incredible matches with Nate Diaz as a welterweight, a boring overhyped boxing match with Floyd Mayweather which my dumbass bought, and then lost to Khabib as a lightweight. Connor is looking to regain his stature as the lightweight champion since the championship is in flux after Khabib retired as the lightweight champion. This fight will be huge for the future of the lightweight division.

If you just search Dustin Poirier’s name you will find article after article about how improved he is since the last time he fought Connor. He has gone on a 10-2 run since 2014, and his only defeats have been against Khabib, and Michael Johnson. Do I know who Michael Johnson is? Nope that sounds like a made up name that the computer would generate for a 2K player. All I know is that Johnson knocked Dustin out in 2016. Dustin’s best win is over Max Holloway you might know him as the guy who talked shit while he was eating punches in his last fight.

Sure it’s fun and exciting to watch Connor McGregor fight, but you know what makes his fights even better? It’s getting your odds boosted, and if you’re a new user to you can have a max bet of $5 and get McGregor or Poirier boosted all the way to +2500. I’m just a dumbass mailman, but I can even figure out that math, you bet $5 and can win $125 it’s as simple as that. Having money on a fight makes it that much better, and when you can get these boosted odds you have no reason to not use If you live in Virginia or Michigan and are pissed that you’re missing out on these amazing odds, there’s no reason to worry. FanDuel has expanded their app and is now live in Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and Colorado.

Jump on these boosted odds and cheer for the Notorious Connor McGregor!!!!

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