Devin Booker is Hanging with Bikini Clad Women on a Boat

Devin Booker was recently seen with a roster full of women in bikinis on a yacht in Saint Tropez on Monday. The Suns’ star recently broke up with Kendall Jenner, and seems to be doing just fine without his A-list ex. It was reported that Booker’s romantic interest in them is unknown. I disagree with whoever said this. As a single, straight man, I know exactly what Booker’s interests on that yacht were. 

Devin Booker officially has more depth in his dating life than on his basketball team. He’s used to being surrounded by top end talent, with Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal having joined him in Phoenix. But this boat could only be compared to the USA team in terms of basketball counterparts. 

Jenner has apparently been dating Bad Bunny since her split with Booker. Fans have been quick to say that she has moved on better, and quicker than Booker has. I think this shows that Booker has been doing just fine. He is ready to make a real run at an NBA Championship in a few months. Until then, it looks like he is having as much fun as he could ask for. 

Devin Booker is a classic example of an athlete who overuses the phrase, “Mamba Mentality.” He is one of the biggest examples of NBA players who is constantly posting his workouts, and talking about how hard he works. In reality, him using his image to surround himself with beautiful women is more of a, “Magic Mentality.” 

Either way, good for Booker. He might’ve already peaked in basketball, but his life looks pretty great either way.

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