Donald Trump Jr.’s X Account Was Hacked, Said Racial Slur, And Threatened North Korea

Yes. This is an action-packed headline. Here are the screenshots:

While most of these tweets are funny because they look like they’re coming from former President Donald Trumps sons account, the one about North Korea could’ve gotten hairy due to the fact that Kim Jung Un is a slight loose cannon.

I am sure our national spokesperson, Adin Ross, will ask the supreme leader of North Korea about whether or not he saw the now-deleted tweets. To be fair, how fitting would it be for the United States to enter a full-fledged war with North Korea over a hacked Twitter account and a Twitch streamer saying out-of-pocket things?

Here’s the thing about hacking people’s social media accounts, it is subjectively always funny. I think there is a small portion of the internet that their brains are so poisoned with politics that they don’t think these things are funny. What’s even funnier than hacking someone’s account? When someone claims their account was hacked after a very bad tweet.

Donald Trump Jr. is also a huge fan of Total Frat Move.

Written by TFM Stelly

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