The Interview with Kim Jong Un Happening in Real Life

I commend the members of the internet who are still unaware who Adin Ross is. Although if he is being serious about what he is claiming online, that will likely change. Adin Ross, the popular online streamer, claims to have an interview scheduled with Kim Jong Un for this evening at 7:30. 

For those of you with advanced film knowledge, this might remind you of the classic 2014 Seth Rogen comedy, The Interview. The movie is about a celebrity who goes to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un, and is recruited by the CIA to kill him while he is there. Now Adin Ross is doing it in real life, which gives him the possibility to do the funniest, and most daring thing of all time. 

I’m not sure if Adin Ross is bold enough to eliminate a world leader, especially because the interview is allegedly happening remotely on his live stream. Either way, Ross clearly has some plan here. If the interview is real, Ross is likely trying to befriend him. A Dennis Rodman type of relationship with Kim Jong Un could give him a chance to really Dave Skylark this guy. More likely, he’s just trying to see how many people he can trick into going on his livestream tonight. 

My advice on this situation is simple. Type “Kim Jong Un” into Twitter tomorrow, and see if anything interesting pops up. If he actually has Kim Jong Un on, I’m sure there will be something interesting. Until then, take this as a reminder that Adin Ross, and all live streamers are a waste of server space.   

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