Door Dash Driver Fired for Tip Complaints

A man without a boss was just fired. A video has gone viral showing a man complaining about his tip when dropping off a Door Dash order in Texas. The video sees the man hand the woman her food from her doorbell camera, before taking a step back and looking at her house up and down. He tells the woman, “I just want to say, it’s a nice house for a five dollar tip.” The woman hits him with a sarcastic thank you before the man turns around and delivers a stern, “F**k you.” Door Dash announced a few days after the video was released that the man was fired.

In high school, I needed money to buy weed. I also wanted a guarunteed window of time o be somewhere other than my house. This led me to a storied career delivering food. I began for Door Dash before branching out to local pizza chains. In my experience I can tell you that this guy is not one of us. A delivery driver knows that a five dollar tip is standard, and more than acceptable for a twenty dollar order like the one this woman ordered. Even if she is in a nice house, she won’t be the reason you have a bad night tonight.

Being fired by Door Dash is pretty remarkable. You have to do so bad for a real person to analyze your job. This guy could easily make those quips, and as long as he kept the profanity out of it at the end, no one would’ve ever figured out.

I do respect the balls on this man, however. I’ve wanted to do this a million times, and he actually went out and did it. He’s a martyr for all of us. 

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Written by TFM

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