Drake Receives His Largest Bra Ever On Stage

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This bra may put an end to Drake’s latest concert trend.

If you haven’t seen, it has become quite the gag to throw bras on stage while at a Drake concert. It all started when a fan threw her massive 36G bra on stage at a concert in Brooklyn. Drake stopped performing to find the woman responsible for owning such a large brassiere and the clip went viral overnight. Less than a week later, that same fan signed a deal to become a Playboy model.

Ever since that well-endowed woman rose to fame, it has become a trend to throw bras at Drake on stage. The bigger the bra, the better. While the whole thing began with a 36G, Drake has built up a collection even including a size 46L bra.

If you think a 46L bra is the biggest size they possibly make, think again.

Last night, while performing in Inglewood, California, Drake received his largest bra to date. So large, it doesn’t even have a size label.

Obviously, nobody truly wears this bra. It’s clearly a gag someone bought just for the chance to throw underwear at their favorite rapper. Though, I personally don’t buy women’s undergarments to bring to concerts, you gotta respect the hustle.

While I’m probably going to be wrong, I’d expect this to be the last time a ginormous bra at a Drake concert makes headlines. I just don’t see anyone beating this bra out. I mean, you could literally jump out of a plane with that thing and float safely to the ground. If you got a real good gust of wind and a string, you could most definitely fly that bad boy like a kite.

Though I do believe that this will be the end of the bra throwing Drake era, I must admit I am going to be sad to see it go. The “who has the biggest bra contest” at Drake concerts has been the greatest concert gimmick since Miley Cyrus did all of her shows basically nude in 2016. While this may be the end of an era, we all know Drake will find some other way to make headlines soon.

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Written by Alex Becker

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