Drunk Stripper Seduces Cop, Asks to be Tased

A stripper was arrested for a DUI in Ohio on April 30, and the hilarious footage just made its way to the internet. Twenty-year-old Grace Spoonamore was pulled over and cuffed for erratic driving, and she tried using her skillset to get out of it. Unfortunately for her, the cop was having none of it.

When the cop started questioning Spoonamore, she began flirting with him, calling him a handsome man. She also mentioned her line of work several times, and accused the officer of being a security officer at her club. She then offered to pee on the man, before relieving herself in the backseat instead. Her approach continued all the way back to the police station. While being processed, she told the cop, “Tase me. I like it kinky.”

I really respect the commitment this girl had to this scheme. The cop did not even pretend to give her the time of day, but she kept going for it. They threw her an obstruction of justice charge for her advances, and lack of cooperation. In all honesty, that is nothing compared to the DUI she was already in for. It’s kind of like when you get hit in the nuggets, and bang your knee on the way down. The knee is doesn’t change much in that moment. 

I was almost rooting for this girl to get out of the cuffs. If she was a bit more sober, she would’ve likely executed her strategy better. But she also probably wouldn’t have been there in the first place if she were. Catch-22, I guess. 

Also, she asks for her tupperware of steak and potatoes in the video, and I’m imagining she didn’t get it back. I think if the cops want to uphold justice, they should also be responsible for refrigerating any food that would go to waste. It’s a part of the job.

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