Dua Lipa Celebrates Her Birthday in a Gucci Bra

It was Dua Lipa’s birthday yesterday, and she appeared to be having a great time celebrating in Ibiza. That being said, you likely aren’t here to find out what Lipa did for fun on her twenty-eighth birthday. The reason most people were so fond of these posts, was the Gucci bra that Lipa decided to wear as a shirt. 

This isn’t particularly new for Lipa. Since collecting her royalties for the Barbie movie, she has been travelling whatever part of the globe Ibiza is in, living her best life. All summer, she has rarely worn more than the Victoria’s Secret mannequin that old men stare at in the mall. Fortunately for fans, she has also been posting each of these looks on her Instagram

It really is crazy to me that Lipa just turned twenty-eight. She is one of the biggest stars in the world, and is close enough to me in age where we could hypothetically date. I have a mirror, so I know this won’t be happening anytime soon, but the point remains. 

All I knew about Ibiza is if you took a pill there, Avicii thought you were cool (RIP). Although, I might need to take a trip there if the Dua Lipa’s of the world are spending their summers there without a shirt.

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