Dua Lipa Has Barely Worn Clothes All Summer

Dua Lipa seems to be having a pretty relaxed summer. She recorded the main theme for the Barbie movie. And it has likely made her enough to really phone it in for a while. She has been taking advantage of this, enjoying the nice weather, in practically no clothing. 

Victoria’s Secret models aren’t photographed without a shirt as much as Lipa appears to be. The singer’s Instagram has been full of bikini snaps from around the world. There is so much sunshine and skin showing on her Instagram right now, that I had to put sunscreen on before looking through it. 

She announced that her next album will be released in 2024, which officially makes this summer garbage time for her. Imagine how nice it would be to tell people you will work in a year, and then having as unlimited free time until then. If I could do that, I would probably spend most of my time finding visually appealing places to go for a swim too. 

Dua Lipa’s life seems pretty awesome. She pops up in most songs that come on the radio these days. She then leaves the song and goes back to doing whatever she wants. It’s crazy to me that she is only twenty-seven. In five years, I will be her age. Except when I do it, I won’t be in nearly as good of shape. Or one percent as rich as she is. 

Dua Lipa should keep living her care free lifestyle. Especially if she is going to continue wearing this little while doing it. 

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