Jennifer Lopez Finally Shares Birthday Bikini Snaps

(Photo from Daily Mail)

Jennifer Lopez is not human.

Despite her birthday being over a week ago, JLo continues to celebrate turning 54, sharing even more photos from her big celebration.

Last week, Lopez shared a post on Instagram of her luxurious birthday bash. In the post, JLo showed off her fun-filled day as she danced on tables and stunned in a bikini by the pool.

Well, lucky for us, Lopez just shared even more photos from the day. In the newly released shots, JLo showcases her ageless figure, modeling a black Valentino bikini.

(Photo from Daily Mail)

The pop star shared the racy photos in her newsletter On The JLo, which she uses to regularly update her fans about her life. 

(Photo from Daily Mail)

JLo clearly went all out for her birthday bikini fit. The designer swimwear from Valentino alone retails for $980, while Lopez also paired the suit with glamorous accessories. From her fedora to her jewel embellished high heel and gold jewelry, JLo seriously dressed to impress on her big day.

(Photo from Daily Mail)

While Lopez definitely knows how to dress well, her outfit is completely outshined by her perfect body. At 54 years old, JLo looks just as drop dead gorgeous as ever. I mean, this woman is literally one year away from being able to live in a 55+ golf community in Boca Raton. Yet, she still somehow looks better suited for nightclubs and booze cruises.

Whatever JLo does to stay in such great shape clearly works wonders. I don’t know if she gets work done or lives in the gym or has just become addicted to Ozpemic, but whatever it is she needs to keep at it.

Just this past Monday, Lopez posted another sexy snap of herself in a blue undergarment set. Imagine an average 55-year-old woman posted this and you saw it on your feed. Surely, you’d immediately unfollow her and probably rip your eyes out. Yet, when JLo does it, I feel the need to write a complete blog and her utter beauty.

Anway, happy birthday once again JLo. While I’d usually go off on a girl for celebrating her birthday almost two weeks after the fact, I hope your celebration never ends.

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Written by Alex Becker

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