Elon Musk Calls Taylor Swift Napoleon Dynamite in Drag

Elon Musk from the top rope. The entrepreneur decided to mess with the most devoted fan base on the internet with a post that said Taylor Swift looks like Napoleon Dynamite in drag. In the since deleted post, Musk says, “Am TS fan­ – of course – but how do we know for sure they’re different people.” He also included the following picture.

Musk’s now deleted Tweet.

Swifties travel in packs to defend the singer. Elon Musk angers people with his opinions. This combined two of the internet’s biggest catalysts of fury into one super Tweet designed to fire people up. 

Musk proved before he bought Twitter that he didn’t care what anyone else thought of him or his actions. Then when he purchased the site, his level of consequences went down to zero. He has become a teenager whose doesn’t need to worry about his parents taking his phone when he misbehaves. I would ask what he hoped to gain out of this Tweet, but clearly, he just thought he’d poke a sleeping bear on the internet for his own entertainment. I personally love this side of Musk. Even if it was simply for the inspiration he served for the character of Lukas Mattson on Succession.

If you are looking for some entertainment to procrastinate work this afternoon, please look through some of the screenshots of comments online. My personal favorite was a Tweet that read, “Get a job. Leave her alone.” You can love or hate Musk. She chose the worst come back you can say to the owner of the site she is on. Musk has previously antagonized the entire internet before for our entertainment, but him attacking Taylor Swift fans brings it to an entirely new level. He might’ve bungled the first app I ever used to find pictures of naked women. But his wild antics provided me with a laugh this morning. I guess I can’t be mad. 

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