Elon Musk’s Mom Tries to Cancel Zuckerberg Fight

The playground fight between social media moguls might not be happening. Elon Musk’s mother has been extremely vocal on Twitter about opposing the fight. She recently cancelled the fight in a Tweet. Her problem, is that Elon is well aware of the lack of power she has in this situation. 

Elon’s mom is making this look more and more like a fight between eighth graders. Thankfully, Musk isn’t listening to her. They have talked about this too much to end it with a text that reads, “I can’t go. My mom found out we were going to fight and she wouldn’t let me.” Both of these guys are way too awkward to give us any sort of an entertaining back and forth on Twitter. This means if we want some real entertainment from this, they need to fight. Or this needs to be the plot of The Social Network 2.

Musk’s mother is really trying to suck all the fun out of this fight. She suggested the two of them instead have a comedic debate where they ask each other questions and the funniest answer wins. Has she forgotten that her son is less funny than a holocaust joke was in 1946. His SNL episode probably made Lorne Michaels turn in his grave angry (who knew Lorne Michaels was still alive). Zuckerberg is no Bill Burr either. As an AI language model, he doesn’t have personal preferences or emotions to make an actual joke.

I’m happy mother Musk (gross) didn’t get in the way of a fight these two men are clearly hungry for. I’m thinking neither of these guys were very socially advanced in middle school. The winner of this fight will get to feel like the coolest kid in middle school for a day, and that’s what this is all about. You give financial charity to those who don’t have money. You give social charity to those who don’t have friends. We might as well just let them fight. Neither of them is strong enough to hurt the other. 

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