Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Wear Clothes in Her House

Emily Ratajkowski has made a career out of wearing practically nothing. Fortunately for her, it appears to be one of her favorite hobbies too. She posted a video of her walking through her house yesterday, and she was wearing nothing but a thong bikini

Ratajkowski’s Instagram is full of shots wearing practically nothing. I know this is pretty much how models make their money. Either way, she takes it to the next level. She seems to enjoy wearing lingerie as much as I love going commando in old sweatpants. It’s been her uniform in everything she’s been in other than iCarly.

It’s easy to find appreciation of these posts for Ratajkowski’s unbelievable physique. A better way to find entertainment from these posts is by looking at the hilarity in the comment section. Like any comment woman’s comment section, people ask what her kid thinks of seeing her in the house dressed like that. Her kid is two though, so I think he’s cool as long as she puts on Paw Patrol first. I don’t know what it is about that show, but those cartoon pups have a grasp on our country’s future. 

The fun part of any comment section like this, is finding the terrible jokes celebrities’ fans make while trying to compliment them. One user posted, “It’s not my birthday Em, but thanks for bringing that cake.” I wouldn’t even post that from a burner out of shame. These people clearly feel good about these quips before they send them out to the world. 

There are some people who flock to the comment section to call her posing in so little clothing as immature. I don’t understand why these people can’t enjoy nice things. They would probably go to the sixteenth Sistine chapel (learn something new every day) and say the ceiling is just brick and paint. 

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