Five Things You Didn’t Know About Livvy Dunne

I consider myself to be a big fan of Livvy Dunne. In her growth to a cultural icon over the past few years, I have followed her through the many delightful things she posts on social media. Despite this, there was so much more about her than what is seen from her wonderful Instagram account. Here are five things you didn’t know about Livvy Dunne.  

She’s Really Good at Gymnastics

This sounds like a given. Her title is college gymnast. That being said, a lot of her fans are more interested in her Instagram pictures than they are in her athletic ability. This has allowed her abilities as a gymnast to become somewhat forgotten. She is one of those girls you knew in kindergarten who would leave school to hop on a balance beam. The only difference between the average gymnastics kid and Dunne, is a giant disparity of skill level. Dunne quickly grew through the ranks as a youth, and is currently one of the best gymnasts in the country. Watching her at the Olympics is going to be awesome.

She’s Richer Than You’d Think

Livvy Dunne made 3.5 million dollars from NIL deals last year. As her fame continues to rise, that number is likely to trend with it. For reference, Christian McCaffrey’s cap hit for the 49ers this season is just under that figure. Running backs clearly have a point, if that’s how they are being paid. But it still probably wouldn’t hurt Josh Jacobs to throw a bikini pic on his socials if he really wants to get paid. It’s working well for Dunne.

She’s from New Jersey

I was more surprised than I should’ve been to hear Dunne was from New Jersey. Typically, I don’t associate the people of New Jersey to look like Dunne. I always figured the Jersey girls Bruce Springsteen was singing about were exaggerated in terms of beauty, but this is clearly wrong. I’m heading over to Jersey as soon as the work day is over, just to see if there are some Livvy Dunne’s without the gymnastics skills to become famous. 

Her Boyfriend is An All-Time Pitching Prospect

I think I want to be Paul Skenes when I grow up. To most of the world, he is Livvy Dunne’s boyfriend. To the people who love baseball enough to talk about twenty-year-old prospects, he is considered one of the best pitching prospects of all time. He started his career at Army, as a catcher/pilot hybrid. Now, he is throwing 100 mph sinkers and making pro athletes look stupid. A combination of playing college baseball, getting laid, and flying planes can only be matched by Glen Powell’s combination of performances from Everybody Wants Some, and Top Gun: Maverick. Skenes didn’t need a director to tell him to do any of those things. As a result, him and Livvy Dunne share a bed.  

Men Do Gymnastics Too

In one interview, Livvy was talking about her teammates, past and present. She mentioned a man doing gymnastics, which seemed like a mistake on her part. After doing thorough research, I can confirm that men also do gymnastics. To me, this is the most shocking thing about Livvy Dunne’s career to date. 

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