Livvy Dunne Attends Her Boyfriend’s Minor League Debut

Livvy Dunne could make a headline by taking out her trash. This meant a rumor of her dating anyone was surely going to grab the internet’s attention. Of course, this attention only increases when that guy just so happens to be the first overall pick in the most recent MLB draft. This is exactly what happened, as the internet went into a frenzy seeing Dunne attend the first professional outing for her rumored boyfriend, Paul Skenes. 

I’ve been practically begging Livvy Dunne to date me every time I write a blog with her name in it. The lack of responses had been bumming me out. Fortunately, my ego can go back to normal after seeing one clip of Livvy’s boyfriend on the mound. I had no idea who this guy was until the news of his dating life became public, but he throws absolute gas. 

At the age of twenty-one, Skenes is already putting together a pretty impressive resume on and off the field. In one inning of professional work, he struck out two batters. He also showcased a two-pitch combination with his sinker and slider that both look MLB ready. The guy is likely going to be the best part about baseball in Pittsburgh in two years. Also, did I mention he is dating Livvy Dunne? It sure looks like Skenes is living a pretty great life right now. 

Before this game, the relationship between the two was only rumored. Now, it is all but guaranteed. Livvy got more attention than any of the players on the field. This includes the debut of her super star boyfriend. Why would she do that if she didn’t have some personal interest in the game? She wouldn’t. These two are an item. A really athletic item.

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