Former Miami Basketball Player, Haley Cavinder, Dating Dallas Cowboys Tight End

If you’ve been alive over the last 3 days, you’ve seen the news that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are reportedly dating. “Reportedly” is a very loose term for the situation due to the fact that she was sitting in the suite with Travis Kelce’s mom and left the game with him.

Regardless, there is more tight-end news in the NFL. There’s been quite a buzz lately surrounding Haley Cavinder’s possible connection with Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson. Speculation began to swirl online when Haley posted photos of herself sporting Cowboys gear before a game against Arizona.

Besides that, she has also posted many TikToks that kind of prove that she is at least seeing the Dallas Cowboys Tight End, Jake Ferguson.

Either way, Jake Ferguson isn’t doing bad for himself.

Written by TFM Stelly

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