Fraternity Interview Questions: How to Guide

Breaking Down Brother Interviews:

During pledging, most fraternities include brother interviews. They are a key piece of the eight weeks of hell you have to look forward to. Pledges are expected to get to know their future fraternity brothers. Naturally, this means avoiding studying and heading to brothers’ houses to sit down to conduct an interview. Thus, you’ll need some help with fraternity interview questions.

Most interviews consist of some preliminary, basic stuff to get out of the way. Then you get to move into some more intense questioning. It may seem boring, but you can take some pretty valuable information from it. And it is important for when you’re blindfolded and being quizzed on it:

The Basic Fraternity Interview Questions:

What’s your hometown?

Will you care where this random kid is from? Probably not right away, but knowing where brothers grew up is essential to keep in mind. Think about if you go into a drunken rant on why you hate a certain sports team or athlete. A kid that you know is from Philly in the room with you? Crapping on Jalen Hurts may not be a great call.

What’s your major?

You might not even have picked a major yet, but eventually you will. When you talk to the older brothers, knowing who’s in a major that takes classes similar to yours is huge. You can get the inside scoop on professors and specific classes for requirements. If you’re really lucky: old tests and homeworks if your fraternity has a database of old stuff for brothers.

What year are you?

This tells you who’s going to be around the most out of the fraternity. If you’re talking to a sophomore, it’s probably best to really remember their name. You’ll be seeing them more than you will the kids that are graduating and have completely checked out. This fraternity interview question gives the best insight into who you’ll know for more than a year.

What’s your pledge class?

Knowing someone in your fraternity’s pledge class doesn’t tell you much about him as a person. It will tell you what kind of pledgeship he had. COVID pledge? Probably didn’t do anything for eight weeks. 

Who is your big/little/family tree?

This just gives you an idea of what people are close to one another. It’s never going to have any huge effect on your path. But it might help you to get closer to some guys you wouldn’t have otherwise.

After you get that out of the way, you’ll most likely be expected to gather some poll information via some fraternity interview questions that you come up with for members. Getting these is an essential part of the brother interviews. These will be on you to think of, but some basic ones look like this:

Fraternity Interview Poll Questions

What is your favorite fraternity memory?

A lot of guys will pick specific events that were incredibly fun for them, so you can usually find out some things you have to look forward to as the year or semester goes on.

What brother would you let date your sister?

If there’s one guy that stands out from all the answers, that pretty much tells you who the nicest dude in the frat is.

What brother would you NOT let date your sister?

If the overwhelming majority of the fraternity picks the same guy after this interview question, keep any woman that is important in your life far, far away from him.

Who’s the biggest alcoholic/risk?

The answers to this question will tell you the guys that will be the most fun at parties.

Who is the most responsible brother?

The answers to this question will tell you who to go to when one of the above brothers is attempting to Bills Mafia a table from three stories up.

The last two questions will probably be a would you rather and a random one of your choice. The would you rathers should be as messed up or as difficult as you can possibly think of. Here are some of my go to would you rathers for fraternity interview questions:

Fraternity Interview Would You Rather Questions

Would you Rather text for fraternity interview questions

Would you rather:

Have sex with:

  • girlfriend’s brain in your mom’s body


  • your mom’s brain in your girlfriend’s body

Never drink again or never have sex again?

Have your dad one inch inside you or be one inch inside your dad?

Give the first 90% or the last 10% of a blowjob?

After the Would You Rather line of questioning, you should have one more ready. This should gather you some, let’s call it “interesting,” information in your next round of fraternity interview questions.

Fraternity Interview Informational Questions

You’re having sex with Margot Robbie’s body, but her head is replaced by that of an animal. Which animal are you picking?

What is the weirdest place you have ever jerked off?

If you had to have sex with two girls whose ages add up to eighteen, what would be the two ages?

When was the last time you shit your pants?

What celebrity would you still have sex with knowing she was your sister?

After completing the brother interviews for your fraternity, get them signed and make sure that you really learn the information you’ve been given. Knowledge is power – especially while pledging.

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