Gisele Bundchen Looks Great Surfing in Bikini

Gisele Bundchen, the woman who had sex with a goat? Oh sorry, I was reading that wrong. Gisele Bundchen, ex-wife of the GOAT, Tom Brady, was seen surfing in a black bikini during a Costa Rican vacation with her kids. The supermodel looked really good, which isn’t surprising considered she divorced the most successful professional athlete in American history. 

Bundchen only spent about forty minutes in the water. Some would say this is an eternity, especially considering most of Bundchen’s cardio partners likely tap out in one fourth of this time. Either way, it looked like Bundchen was having a great time on her vacation.

Apparently Shakira was at the same beach shortly after Bundchen. The two have been reportedly friendly recently, and have even taken their kids out to dinner together. How funny would it be if Shakira and Gisele got together. The Hips Don’t Lie singer reportedly shot down Tom Cruise not too long ago, and her taking Tom Brady’s wife would make the whole thing even funnier. Shakira would be the kryptonite to impossibly wealthy men who middle aged women fantasize about. 

It’s a shame Brady went for one last go around with the helpless Bucs instead of staying married to Gisele. I’m sure he is having some fun with the Kim Kardashian rumors, but he is absolutely insane if he thinks his life gets better for losing Gisele. I bet that surfboard even bragged to his friends about giving Gisele a ride. She’s the type of woman that defines a man’s sexual career. 

Also, she’s the mother of Tom Brady’s children and all that yada yada yada. I’m sure it’s hard for his kids that their parents got divorced. But after seeing these pictures, I’m thinking this is actually harder for Brady.

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