Guy Gets Dragged Off Boat, Sharks Strike Back

In a crazy incident reminiscent of a scene from the movie “Jaws,” a man was bitten by a shark and pulled off his boat during a fishing trip in Florida. The incident was captured on video, and the footage is something that would happen in a nightmare.

As the man contemplates putting his hand in the water, one of his friends warns him that it’s probably not a good idea. However, he dismisses the concern, insisting that nothing will happen, which is totally what good friends would say to one another. I am sure the shark thought it was a nice little snack and dragged him right in.

This is just another reason I will not be heading to Florida or any large body of water anytime. I think as humans we need to realize we are LAND ANIMALS. We do not need to be going 14,000 feet underwater, in the ocean, or in space. There is a reason we weren’t made to do those things.

There was recently a shark attack in Egypt that left someone eaten and then the Titanic submersible. I think that is a sign that we need a break from the ocean.

Written by TFM Stelly

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